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Work process

The work process runs through the following stages:

  • A preliminary conversation with the customer for familiarization with his requirements;
  • Visit onsite, survey of the premises and the existing installations;
  • Preparation of a price offer, development of a conceptual solution for arrangement of the premises and distribution of the furniture;
  • Consultation with the customer and entering corrections in the design, if necessary;
  • Preparation of diagrams for demolition and construction of walls;
  • Preparation of technical diagrams for changing the electric, lighting and water supply and sewerage systems;
  • Design for sanitary rooms – selection of tiles, sanitary details, diagrams for tile installation;
  • Selection of floorings in compliance with the customer’s requirements, the premises function and the furniture;
  • Selection of lighting fittings;
  • Preparation of furniture design and working drawings in compliance with the customer’s vision;
  • Selection of colours and style;
  • Consultations with the customer and designer’s supervision during the execution of the construction and repair activities.